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  • BNP Paribas Fortis is changing personal accounts offer and launching new packages: S, M, L and XL
  • “Ace Manager” – the bank invites students from all over the world to join the internet business game
  • consent granted by Fortis shareholders for transfer of 75% shares in Fortis Bank Belgium (direct owner of Fortis Bank Polska) to BNP Paribas
  • image campaign of BNP Paribas Fortis in press, television and internet
  • change of the bank's website to:
  • change of the bank's logo on branches, website and promotional materials of Fortis Bank Polska and previous Dominet Bank
  • legal and operational merger between Fortis Bank Polska and Dominet Bank




  • first carbon dioxide allowances transaction in Poland
  • introduction of VISA Platinum to the Bank offering
  • introduction of 4 service packages for small companies to the Bank offering: Connect, Class, Premium and Premium FX
  • introduction of photocard (fotokarta) - first credit card on the market which can be single-handedly designed by its holder
  • 15th anniversary of Fortis Bank operation in Poland, Polish Conference 2016. Economic Development Scenarios.
  • introduction of 3 new sub-funds to the Bank offering of Fortis L foreign investment funds (zagraniczne fundusze inwestycyjne Fortis L)
  • establishment of Consumer Finance division in the Bank organizational structure  
  • introduction of the new Fortis logo


  • introduction of private banking services to the Bank offering  
  • introduction of Visa Classic i Visa Gold to the credit cards offering 
  • establishment of the International Shared Services Center in Kraków
  • introduction of Fortis L foreign investment funds to the Bank offering 
  • continuation of the project "To EU with Fortis Bank" ("W UE z Fortis Bankiem")


  • introduction of mortgage loans for companies (kredyt hipoteczny dla firm) to the Bank offering
  • introduction of Individual Retirement Accounts IKE to the Bank offering
  • in the form of a bank account and IKE Fortis FIO investment fund
  • continuation of the program "To EU with Fortis Bank" ("W UE z Fortis Bankiem")


  • launch of the "To the European Union with Fortis Bank"


  • program "Counting on Your Banker" carried out in cooperation with EBOR
  • introducing Platinum Package to the Bank's offering




  • Fortis Bank (then Generale Bank), Polish American Enterprise Fund and Enterprise Credit Corporation finalized the transaction following which Fortis Bank increased its share in PPABank to 68,5% and after the public tender to 98.38%.
  • PPABank acquired 100% shares in Pioneer Polski Dom Maklerski SA (now Fortis Private Investments Polska)
  • PPABank purchased a chain of Customer Service Outlets (POKs) in main cities in Poland from Pioneer First Polish Investment Fund Company


  • PPABank signs a commercial agreement with Fortis Bank (operating as Generale Bank at the time)


  • PPABank signed a cooperation agreement with ECC


  • PPABank makes its debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange
  • The Bank implements EQUATION system allowing online connection within the Bank's network
  • The Bank changes its name from "Pierwszy Polsko-Amerykański Bank w Krakowie SA" to Pierwszy Polsko-Amerykański Bank S.A.


  • Polish-American Enterprise Fund becomes the strategic investor in the Krakow Banking Society, which changes its name to Pierwszy Polsko-Amerykanski Bank w Krakowie S.A. (First Polish-American Bank in Krakow S.A.)


  • Formation of the Krakow Banking Society (on the initiative of the Krakow Industrial Society and the Agency for Industrial Development, Joint Stock Company)
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