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The first bond issue of Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A. (bearer bonds; Series A; ISIN PLRFSBP00017) in total amount of PLN 500 million took place on 19 October 2014. The bonds were issued under the Bond Issuance Programme in the amount of PLN 2 billion. There were 500 000 bonds issued and the nominal value of each bond was PLN 1.000. The bonds bore the interest from the date of issue (including that day) until the redemption date (not including that day) according to the base rate which was reset on the day of setting the interest rate plus the interest margin. The interest margin was 130 bp. From 15 January 2015 until 8 November 2017 (which was the last day of trading) the bonds Series A were listed on the alternative trading platform BondSpot operating within Catalyst. All of the issued bonds have been redeemed on 20 November 2017, i.e. in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bond issue.



Interest table - period I
Interest table - period II
Interest table - period III
Interest table - period IV
Interest table - period V
Interest table - period VI