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The bank for a changing world


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801 321 123

+48 22 134 00 00

7/24 phone line (Calls are charged at normal network operator's call rate)

We implement positive banking into the lives of our Clients, responding to their financial needs and making it easier for them to achieve their goals. We operate in a simple, thoughtful and safe manner, caring for the society and the environment.



We are a universal bank that is close to the Clients and helps them make the right financial decisions. We listen to our Clients’ voice  because their satisfaction is our priority. We create our services and products with and for the Clients.

The core values of our activities are: transparency, courage, empowerment, simplicity and cooperation. We follow them in our daily activities.

We support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by engaging in projects that have a positive social, economic and environmental impact on the world around us. We limit our impact on the natural environment and we want to inspire good changes, which is why we encourage our Clients to transition to a low-carbon economy.

We are looking for new, innovative and bold solutions. We digitize banking processes, taking into account the 21st century Client needs. At the same time, we ensure a stable and secure everyday banking. We are constantly improving our competences to be a responsible employer and a friendly institution.

We believe that banking can be simple and friendly. We are available and open to everyone. We are constantly developing with the ambition to become one of the 5 largest banks in Poland.