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GOonline electronic banking service is simple, modern and intuitive. It's a new-generation system that has been developed using the latest technological and design trends. We focused on providing an easy-to-use tool to give you the feeling of full financial control and security.

1Does not apply to transfers to your own accounts and trusted transfers

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Proste logowanie

Select your login method

  • Traditional passwordrequires entering the entire password each time
  • Masked password- requires entering randomly chosen characters from the password, which are different for each login. The rest of the characters will be masked
  • Two-step login- a combination of traditional or masked password confirmed with a one-off SMS code

When logging into the system with a traditional or masked password, you may be asked to confirm your identity with a code sent via SMS to your telephone.


Explore the start screen

We know that you want to have a quick overview and control over your finances. The start screen displays information about your products, including your account, credit card or credit card balance, as well as the last five transactions.

You can at any time:

  • change the product names
  • set the default account
  • ustawić konto domyślne
  • add tags, i.e. your descriptions of completed transactions so you can find them more easily
  • contact our advisor via chat


View the start screen


How do I make a transfer?

You can quickly make a domestic, personal, international or tax transfer or pay off your credit card. 



Explore More

your savings

You have control over your savings.

Set-up, renewal or termination of a deposit is quick and easy as a counter that will be displayed 90 days before the deposit termination or renewal date will enable you to easily manage your savings.  You can also see a summary of your savings at any given time.



Monitor your investments

At any time, you have access to current and historical quotations and results of funds, you can log in directly to SidomaWeb and check the present value of your money invested in:

  • investment deposits
  • investment funds
  • investment-type insurance
  • stock exchange instruments




Under the ‘loans’ tab, you can check:

  • the repayment status of all your loans
  • the repayment history and timetable for your loans
  • any upcoming payment, and 6 days before the instalment due date, you will receive a reminder




Understand the basic principles of safe computer use, logging into electronic banking and transaction authorisations. Find out how we secure our clients’ communication with the bank.



  • The user can change the login at any time after logging into GOonline under the ‘My settings’ tab.

  • To log into the GOonline system, the user uses the existing Pl@net login, but they are required to set a new password during the first login to GOonline, in accordance with the security rules described when the password was set.The existing password for the Pl@net system remains valid for the Pl@net system.

    1. Enter the login on the first login page and select ‘next’.
    2. Enter your one-off authorisation code. During activation, the bank will send a one-off authorisation code to the telephone number indicated for receiving SMS codes. Once you have entered the code, select ‘next’ and choose your preferred method for logging into GOonline. You can choose between a traditional or a masked password. 
    3. Set your password. The system will indicate whether the password meets security requirements.
    4. You will be informed if activation was successful. You can go to the login page.

    For the second and subsequent logins, enter the login and confirm your identity using the method selected during the first login. When logging into the system, clients may be asked for an additional confirmation of their identity with an SMS code, in addition to their password.

  • In order to log into GOonline, you can use any of the previously assigned logins for the Pl@net system.

  • In order to log into the GOonline internet banking system, use the existing login, your individual internet Pl@net banking identifier or an assigned GOonline login, and confirm your identity with the selected login method. When logging into the system, clients may be asked for an additional confirmation of their identity with an SMS code, in addition to their password.

  • The application can be accessed by new users who have been granted access to internet banking since 29/07/2019 or existing Pl@net system users who have been invited to use the new system. If these conditions are met and it is still not possible to log into GOonline:

    ·        The user should make sure that correct data have been entered during login and try again.

    ·        The User should ensure that the telephone number for receiving SMS codes given to the bank has not been changed – in the event that a SMS code is required during login and the client does not receive it.

    ·        The user should check whether an SMS has been received with information about a security block.This SMS means that the user should go to the GOonline login page, choose the ‘Login problems’ option and then follow the instructions.

    If the user enters correct data and has not received a text message about a security block, he/she should contact the bank’s helpline

  • During login, you will be required to enter randomly selected characters from the password.

    When logging into the system, clients may be asked for an additional confirmation of their identity with an SMS code, in addition to their password.

  • The GOonline product view is available with the following profiles:

    • Personal Profile – view of the products owned and co-owned by the user.  
    • Power of Attorney Profile – view of the principal's products for which the user has been granted power of attorney.

    In contrast to the Pl@net system, individual and shared products are displayed within one single personal profile, without the need to switch between them.

    Where the User has access to the services and products of more than one person in the internet banking system (different principals), this view is presented separately for each of the principals. In order to display the products of different principals, the user selects the profile of each individual principal.

  • You need to enter all the characters from the set password.

    When logging into the system, clients may be asked for an additional confirmation of their identity with an SMS code, in addition to their password.


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